Friday, September 26, 2014

Shopping for Sundries

Little grey-haired lady, five foot nothing, in front of me at the checkout.  Writes a check while the clerk is ringing up the goods.

"Thirty-nine eighty-nine."  The woman completes the check, and as she hands it to the clerk she observes that "It is going to be seventy-five today!"

"Who's seventy-five?"  LGL looks puzzled.  I interject.

"The temperature.  The temperature is going to be seventy-five today."  Then I go on, "Some of us wish we were seventy-five again."

LGL turns to look at me, smiles, and nods her head.


Secondary Roads said...

Fortunately, their was an interpreter present.

vanilla said...

Chuck, the lady and I belong to the same societal set; the clerk, to a much younger demographic. Different languages?

Lin said...

I experience this my own home. Nobody can hear anyone here. Including the cats.

vanilla said...

Lin, too many people, it seems, have honed their talking skills to a much keener edge than they have their listening skills. And they like it like that.