Sunday, June 24, 2018

Where are You Supposed to Be?

The lesson is from Daniel 6:10-23 in which Daniel in honoring God and in defiance of the king's edict, continues to "pray and give thanks" as was his habit.  The king, forced by those who came against Daniel, and in keeping with the law of the land, put Daniel into the den of lions.

The king was not happy, seems he liked Daniel.

The next morning the king, going to the den, found Daniel alive and well, reporting that the God whom he served shut the mouths of the lions!

No matter where we are, God is with us!

When were you last where you were not supposed to be?  Daniel knew he was in violation of the king's edict and he prayed anyway.

Allow God to take the responsibility!

A look at Acts 9:19-23, 28-31 shows us Saul's encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus.  Blinded, he found assistance in Ananias of Damascus.  When he recovered his sight, he prepared to spread the gospel.

How are we preparing for the next step?  How are we preparing to help others?

1.  We need to know Christ.
     Take up the mantle of the New Covenant.  Treat others with love and respect.

2.  Surround ourselves.  
     Plug into the body of believers.

3.  Live it out!
     Matthew 28:  "Go!"  The Great Commission of Christ.
     Whatever our calling in life, it is our mission to live out Christ's calling.

Pastor Brandon Shroyer
Sunday morning

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Prayers God Will Answer

Continuing the study, Table Manners, a serial look at the Lord's Prayer from Luke 11.

Our relationship with God requires moments of intention if we are to have a connection with the Heavenly Father.

Prayer was a very common thing in the culture in which Jesus lived.  Yet Jesus prayed in a very uncommon (special) way.  The disciples of Jesus recognized that the power of prayer is a crucial element in discipleship.  Hence, "Teach us to pray."

What does it mean to truly be a disciple of Jesus Christ?
     Jesus taught us to pray
1. for God's will;
2  for our needs;
3. for forgiveness
4.  for protection and deliverance.

Why do we pray"
     Prayer is a validation of our dependence upon God.
     Those things we pray for are things we cannot do for ourselves.  We come to the realization that
     we are desperate for God.

Jesus illustrated the elements of prayer with the story of the man who aroused his neighbor in the night, requesting bread.  (Luke 11:5-8)
1.  boldly, that is, with shameless audacity.
2.  persistently.
The man was aroused to respond to the request not  because he  was a neighbor, but because he asked boldly, shamelessly, and with persistence.

We will have a great prayer life if we follow Jesus's injunction:
1.  Ask
2.  Seek
3.  Knock  (Luke 11:9-10)

Most prayers are shallow:  Hello, Father; goodbye.
When was the last time you were so desperate you were not about to give up?

This is the "How."
     Pray with
     1.  insistence
     2.  consistence
     3.  persistence  (tireless determination, even as Jacob when he wrestled through the  night.)

Pray with boldness because He is our Heavenly Father.
Why boldly?  Because He loves us.

Pastor Johnnie Blair
Sunday morning 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Spiritual Warfare

Do we understand the dangers of spiritual warfare?  To defeat us is the only way Satan can get a jab in at the heart of God.

In the Lord's Prayer (Luke 11) the sentence "Deliver us from evil" could correctly be translated "Bring us not into testing."  Jesus knows that testing is inevitable for any disciple of Christ.

It is possible to be completely within the will of God and still face hardship.
In such moments our faith is on trial.  In such times God is at work within your heart to bring about His likeness in you!

The One who is all-powerful is able to deliver us! 
He is our Deliverer! 
       No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.  I Corinthians 10:13 (NIV)

You may pray "Lord, send me another way.  But if that is not to be, You are my Deliverer."

God is not alarmed at the things that come against you.

To win the battle in spiritual warfare we must
1) Know the Word.
    In whatever situation you are in, what does the Word say? The Word will set you free.
2) Plead the Blood.
    Jesus shed his precious blood for your salvation.  This provision is the way out of any circumstance the enemy may throw at you.

Pastor Johnnie Blair
Sunday morning

Saturday, June 9, 2018


Trimming around the edges of yard and gardens.  Hanging low on the plant, I espied the first jalapeño of the season  Yum!

Spouse of course told me I would have to prepare it myself, which I did.  Half of it I chopped and added to the vegetable salad she had made.  Gizzard tickling good!  The other half I munched as I ate my freestone peach.  Summer is my favorite season-- right now.

No kisses from the cook this afternoon, though.