Wednesday, September 24, 2014

And the Beat Goes On

More "smart phone" antics.

Mrs. W's smart phone has taken to rapping.  No, not that kind of rapping, but rather the kind Poe observed in "The Raven."

"Knoknoknok."  Seriously.  For no discernible reason.

She fusses with it for, oh, a long time. (Remember the "time saving" mantra when computers were being foisted on introduced to us?)  And then she called tech assistance, who, long conversation reveals, knows no more than she does.  She lays phone on table and goes about other more pressing business.

The dog is lying on his rug.  "Knoknoknok."

Dog jumps up, "Barkbarkbark!"  Which is his normal response to someone at the door.

"Growl!"  Which is my response to this whole business.


Grace said...

Perhaps 'vibrate' is activated?

vanilla said...

Grace, thanks for the tip, but that doesn't seem to be the problem. Want to hear something funny? She keeps asking me things like "What does... mean?" And of course I have no idea. Which upsets her, because I am supposed to be the fount of all knowledge? I've never had one of the things. How would I know?