Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cryin' in Their Beer

I have heard that incensed fans who paid bucks to attend the Toby Keith show the other evening want their money back.  Want their money back?  They are surprised that a man whose repertoire consists largely of songs in praise of the joys of booze is too drunk to properly perform his songs?

If you are one of those fans, shut up, already.  You got what you paid for.

Caveat emptor.


Lin said...

Oh, is that why they were complaining? Call it a lesson learned and don't support the goof by buying his music or paying for concert tickets.

Secondary Roads said...

Failed to meet expectations. I hope he learns a lesson from George Jones and gives up the booze.

vanilla said...

Lin, I just find it incredible that people pay huge sums for a concert, then don't like what they get. Maybe there should be a free-will offering as fans leave the venue.

Chuck, I wish him well, too. Well in the literal sense. I do wish, too, that country music in general would get off the "in praise of booze" kick. What ever happened to dam ol' sad songs about lost love, or the dog dying?