Monday, September 15, 2014

Hop on Soda

Mrs. Warr and I were finishing our supper, a nice bowl of chili.  I got up to get a cuppa.  She said, "Could you get me a soda, please?"

I reached into the cabinet, set the bicarbonate box next to her bowl on the table.  I said, "You'll want a glass of water to take that with?"

I was being totally sincere and trying to assist her digestive process.  She accused me of being a smart-aleck.  "You knew," she stated inaccurately and incorrectly, "that I wanted a root beer."

She did not ask for a root beer.  She asked for what she got: soda.

[Small differences in cultural backgrounds make huge differences in communication.  I have never referred to pop as "soda."  And conversely, . . . ]


Jim Grey said...

I grew up calling it pop. Then I moved down here and everybody called it soda. Where I grew up, sonny, soda had ice cream in it. But after enduring the thousandth "hunh?" look when I called it pop, I capitulated ... to always naming the exact carbonated beverage I mean, whether Dr. Pepper or Vernor's or Diet Caffeine Free Cherry Coke.

Grace said...

'Pop' was my father, soda was a flavored carbonated beverage. There is an unflavored carbonated beverage called seltzer. Then of course there is an alcoholic carbonated beverage called champagne...from which I do indeed get a kick.

Secondary Roads said...

Oh the joys [and pitfalls] of language and culture.

vanilla said...

Jim, I think naming the drink specifically is a good idea. In certain regions of the country, every soft drink is a coke. "Would you like a coke?" might yield who knows what.

Grace, never referred to my dad as "Pop," but I hear what you are saying. Especially about the "kick."

Chuck, the truly astounding part of my tale is that I did not make this up, or fake it in any way. I really thought she wanted a bicarbonate. Dumb me.