Sunday, October 12, 2014


Dateline Indianapolis
News at Six

Reader:  The superintendent said the cellphone policy change was necessary because parents need to be able to contact their children.

Me:  Bull oney.  I taught school for thirty-one years, and so far as I know there was never a student who had a telephone with him.

I suppose that might have been Dick Tracy in the back row holding his wrist to his ear.  Doubt it.


Lin said...

I think the new cellphone policy has to do with the kids asking to use the office phone for a ride now that the pay phone has become obsolete. We were forced to buy the kids cell phones in middle school when they stayed after for sports or clubs.

vanilla said...

Lin, it is a different world.

Lin said...

It is! Kids can't walk home anymore because of the sex offenders in the neighborhood, so they have to have cell phones to call for a ride. It's crazy, isn't it?

vanilla said...

Lin, do you think mankind is doing a rather poor job of making the world better and better?