Friday, February 23, 2018

Afternoon in the Lab

In hospital lab this afternoon to get an ekg.  Bared chest.  Technician while attaching electrodes said, "Oh, yes, I can see you've had this done before."

I laughed.  "Split me open two years ago last month."

"Where did you have that done?"

"Methodist Hospital.  Dr. Beckman."

"Oh, yes.  I have heard of him."

"Gave me a bovine valve."

"That," she said, "is the Cadillac of heart valves."

I chuckled.  "Very funny-- cattle- ack of valves."

"Oh!  she exclaimed.  "I made a pun and didn't even realize it.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Herkimer for the Homerun

I had a hot little fire going in the wood stove; keeps the workshop quite cozy.  Had just settled into the lounger, had the ballgame, sound muted, on the telly.  Heard the door hinge behind me s-k-r-a-w-k and that is why I don't oil the thing-- alerts me to the pending disturbance.

Herkimer came in, stamping his feet, slapping his hands together.  "When will this winter be over?" he whined.

"About six weeks," I said.  "What's with the long face?"

"That woman!  Can I hang out here awhile?  She's all bent out of shape."

Now I know that Tildy can get "bent out of shape," and I also know that in most instances Herk precipitates the crisis.   "What did you do now?"

"You always have to take her side, assume I'm in the wrong."

"I'm not taking sides.  Anyway, who spends a lot of his time in my warm man-cave? What'd ya do?"

"Okay," says Herk, "lunch over and we are sitting at the table, she is setting up her pills in one of those little by-the-week containers.  She dumps a few tablets on the table and proceeds to break each one in two.  'What?' says I.  'Are those the pills for a woman who is only half-crazy?'"

"Pull up a crate and have a seat, Herk.  But when the fire burns out, you're out of here and on your own."

Friday, February 16, 2018

Did I really just hear a commercial for Outsteak Backhouse, or are my ears, in cooperation with a warped mind, playing tricks on me?

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Talk to Me

 We are created in His image!

Jesus is the Living Word through whom all thing are made.
One of the biggest problems the disciples had was talking over Jesus.  At Pentecost the Holy Spirit gave the disciples the ability to preach.  The Holy Spirit inspired and anointed the writers of scriptures so that we all could have the Word in our hands.

God is a communicating God!  We are a communicating people, yet we are so bad at it.

Communication, dialogue, discourse, conversation; we could all improve in this capacity!

Arrogance, self-absorption, emotions take over and our mouths run on autopilot and the ears stop working!

To ensure proper and effective communication there must be a balance between talking and listening.
  1.  Explore the others point of view.
  2.  Learn each others language.
  3.  Intentions don't matter unless they are wrapped in kindness.

    "My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry."  James 1:19 (NIV)

    Know the definitions of terms used-- yours and those of the person you are communicating with.

    Tone is important-- a harsh response follows harsh words.

    Must have 1) unity, must be on the same page; 2) intimacy, a feeling of knowing and being known.  These both rely on communications skills!

    Use these communications techniques:
    1. Lock eyes!  Be seen to be understood.
    2. Listen up!  Strive to hear.
    3. Lean in!  Posture, body language is important.
    4. Loving response! Be kind, be caring.
    5. Linger there!  Communication takes time.

     We need a speed bump between the brain and the mouth!

     Pastor Johnnie Blair
    Sunday morning

Sunday, February 4, 2018


The scripture lesson is from the twenty-ninth chapter of Genesis in which Jacob bargains with Laban for a spouse, gets more than he intended.

The message is a tag-team presentation by Pastor Amanda and Pastor Johnnie.

Amanda:  Describes the feelings of her 18-year old self as she awaited the groom

Johnnie:  Described the emotions of his 17-year old self as he was about to be yoked to the girl of his choice. 

Attribution of the following goes to the team.

God wants your marital relationship to be a blessing to you.

Like Jacob, when we marry we get more than we bargain for.

A relationship cannot be built solely on feelings.  It must be built on decisions.

1.  Choose to commit to one another every day.  You will have to put work into the relationship.

2.  Choose to love when the feeling of love is not there.

3.  Choose to honor Christ and keep Him at the center of all you do.

Many relationships fail because they are not Christ-centered.

Jesus is the only one who makes true love possible.

Today make a re-commitment to your spouse.  Work on your marriage, work on your relationship with Jesus, and you and your spouse will have the joy of being united as one.

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  Pastor Amanda Blair
Pastor Johnnie Blair
Sunday morning