Wednesday, August 29, 2018

A thing or two

TV commercial, guy says, "I know a thing or two about chickens."

I do, too.  They are lice-infested, they crap all over everything, and they stink.*

Then realizing I've lost my mind, I break into cackling laughter.  (See what I did there?)

*Said the guy whose job it was to clean the hen house.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Tarry Fails

Frog:  Kiss me, I'm a prince.

Maiden: (kisses frog)

Prince:  Yikes!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Mondays are for Mission

Romans 12:1-3, 21

To quarantine our faith, that is to keep our religious life separate from other activities, is to miss our calling. We are called to be missionaries.

People are looking for a faith that is relevant, a faith that is authentic. They are looking for a real Faith lived out in a real way. Matthew 5:13-16, Jesus in The Sermon on the Mount tells us that we are to be salt and light.  People of that day understood that salt had extreme value, that it was actually crucial to life in that time.

We must exhibit the presence of God in our lives even in the most mundane situations. Everyday should be Take Jesus to Work Day. Jesus speaks to whom?  He speaks to Everyday People in everyday situations.

Letting the Light of Christ shine is not as difficult as you think.

1. Don't be critical;  2. Treat people kindly.
These are the ways Jesus will show through your life.
 We may not have all the answers but we have the right answers. 
Jesus is the right answer to whatever is wrong.

1.  What is the place that should be considered your mission field?
2.  What are some things you can change to amplify your mission?
3.  How can you encourage someone to shine brighter?
4.  What could you do at work, at home, to bring glory to God?
5.  What can you do to be more consistent in sharing your faith?

Be diligent; be bright; be consistent.

Let your walk align with your faith.

You got this!

You were made for Mondays!

You are the salt, the light! 

" Invite Jesus into each and every conversation and interaction."

Pastor Johnnie Blair
Sunday morning

Monday, August 20, 2018


The scripture lesson is based on chapter 21 of John's gospel in which we see the disciples on the shore of Galilee confused, distraught, downhearted because the Master is gone. 
 "What are we going to do?" someone said, and Peter said, "Well, let's go fishing," so they did and after fishing all night with no catch someone appeared on the shore and hollered,  "Catch anything?"

What do you do when you're not sure what's next?

1 Tenaciously seek and listen for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

2  Share with the faith community.

3 Engage and align with the word of God.

4 Integrate as needed counseling rooted in a biblical worldview.

5 Gather courage and take the next step of faith.

The disciples who were called to be Fishers of Men in their confusion went back to fishing for fish from which Jesus had called them. In the mundane and the confusion, in the brokenness, Jesus invites them back to the shore.

The principles of next
1 Waiting on Jesus is a common experience for all disciples.
2 When we are not sure what to do, do the next thing,
3 Trust that Jesus is present and he's got this. You Are Not Alone.
4 Jesus is always serving us even when we can't see him from our boat.

Jesus loves to work in and for those who know how to wait and listen.

The next thing becomes the best thing only when it is God's thing not ours.

Pastor Dave Sharpes
Sunday morning
Olathe Kansas

An earlier in-home Bible study discussion of John 21: *click*

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Made for Monday

Easy to talk about, difficult to live it out.

"If you act like you like your job, you might begin to like your job."  -- Johnnie's Boss

"The work of your hands is the place where your truest worship is exemplified."  --J. Blair

How would you describe your worship if it were based on your work ethic?

For of him, and through him and to him, are all things: to whom be glory forever.  Amen  -- Romans 11:36

Scripture reading Romans 12:1,2

Worship is much more than engaging in Sunday services.  True worship is to live a transformed life.

Offer your bodies to God. We must offer our physical being as well as our spiritual being if we are to worship truly.  We are to be a living sacrifice: all that you are and ever will be, offer it all to him

Does your work ethic offer a pleasing aroma to God, or does it stink?
Your performance on the job is an offering to God.  Is it acceptable?

We must develop a mindset that is Christlike.  Do we please Christ or the culture?  Which way will we do things? A mind that is transformed in Christ is the key to changing the world.

Do we treat people with respect and honor?   Do we think differently from the world?

"And let the beauty of the Lord Our God be upon us, and establish thou the work of our hands upon us, yea, the work of our hands established thou it."--Psalm 90:17

How many are praying for your workplace, your employer your coworkers?

What if God established the work of your hands?

Not your dream job? So what?  You have the ability to honor God wherever you are, gleefully, with integrity, and with a joyful spirit.

You are made for Mondays!

Pastor Johnnie Blair
Sunday morning

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Unbelievably spoiled

For 10,000 years mankind struggled to find nourishment enough for the day. Now we are obsessing over whether or not we got two mg of manganese in our diet.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Mondays Matter

--First in the sermon series, "Made for Mondays."

Scripture lesson: Romans 12

1.  Our faith must be relevant to our everyday life.
      It is not what you say that counts, but how you actually live out your faith.
      Does your faith impact every decision you make on a regular daily basis?
      A faith not relevant is a faith not real.

2.  Faith must be lived in an authentic way.
     Those around you can tell if your faith is real.
      Verse 9:  Love must be sincere.
      Joyful, patient, prayerful.
      Verse 21:  Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Mondays are hard.  Christians should be the most hard-working, honest and productive people in the workplace!

1,   Mondays should be viewed as a gift, not a curse.
      Work is a blessing, a gift.
       You have to work?  No!  You get to work!

2.  Mondays should be enjoyed, not just endured.

3.  Mondays should represent a calling, not just a job.
     "Whatever you do, do it in the name of the Lord."

4.  Mondays bring us a mission field, not just a career path.
     Jesus said, "You are salt and light."

Sundays were made for you, but you were made for Mondays!

Before sin came into the world, God put Adam to work in the Garden of Eden!

Have the Monday blues?  Stop it!  Fix your attitude.

 Be not overcome of (Mondays), but overcome (Mondays) with good.
--Romans 12:21 (Worker's Version)

 Pastor Johnnie Blair
Sunday morning


Friday, August 3, 2018

Politicians are self-serving, as we may all be to a degree, the most self-serving of all human types whose words are worth less than the air it takes to propel them from their mouths.