Sunday, February 5, 2017

Bullies: Envy and Greed

A bully becomes an internal voice.  "Do I measure up?"

Our desires are bullies within.

Envy and Greed are bullies.
     Envy: the feeling of discontentment aroused by desire for others possessions or situations.
     Greed: the desire to acquire or possess more than one needs.  (See James 4)

We try to accumulate possessions, power, authority.  When we compare our situation with others the bullies within tell us we are not quite good enough.

Instead of rejoicing with others, we wish we were in their position.

In First Samuel 18 we see envy bullying Saul.  He begins to keep a close eye on David.  He is envious of the praise and adulation David receives; Saul is greedy of the throne.  He is so driven by envy and greed that he determines to kill David.  Envy and greed ultimately destroyed Saul.

David, too, was bullied by envy and greed.  (Refer back to Second Samuel 11 and last week's message.)
     --Sin will always take you farther than you want to go.
     --Sin will always cost you more than you want to pay.
     --Sin will stay longer than you ever planned.


The problem with envy and greed is that  one will never have enough.

Symptoms of the discontent of envy and greed.
     1.  Consistent restlessness.  Underestimating the self, overestimating others.
     2,  Materialism.  Want more  of  the best.  Oh, the joy when others covet what you have!
     3,  Accumulation of debt.  Results in pain and humiliation.
Many are beaten down by these three symptoms

Make a commitment to keep these three things in mind.  Write them down if need be.
     1.  I am who I am.  It is not about possessions, but about character of heart.  Stop playing the comparison game.
     2.  I have what I  have. Be content in whatsoever state you are in.  (Philippians 4)  To want  more of what others  have is to assume God made  a mistake.
     3.  Lord, help me to give back all that I have been given.  The consequence of envy and greed  is to lose everything; the cure is to give it away.  Watch the blessings  of God flow over your life beyond measure!
Pastor Johnnie Blair
Sunday morning


KC Bob said...

"Our desires are bullies within."

Interesting description. I guess it depends on the desire. The desire to love God and others would probably not be characterized in that light.

vanilla said...

KCBob, probably a good amendment for clarification.

Lin said...

Hmmmmm...good read today. Thank you Pastor Johnnie...and Bob Warr

vanilla said...

Lin, good material hear. Listening to Johnnie "preach it" with the personal-experience illustrations he used was a real though-provoking experience.

vanilla said...

Lin. Clearly "hear" jumped into the spot meant for "here." But hear may be appropriate, too, as in "heed."