Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Robocall # *&^%

Phone:  Get the phone! (I see it is a 210 area code.)

I:  Hello!

Perky Female Voice:  This is your last and final notice. . .  (Last and final.  Wow!  That sounds like Armageddon.)

I:  Good!  I am glad you won't be calling anymore.  (But the robot voice goes on and I hang up.)


Secondary Roads said...

Most recently heard here: "The reason I'm calling is because you . . ." My response, "You're dead wrong. Dont' call me again." The voice droned on.

vanilla said...

Chuck, my favorite one (which I've received several times) starts "This is the call you requested in response to the back-brace ad you saw on TV... "
Yeah, right.

Lin said...

We don't answer the house phone any more...for that reason. We only have it because it keeps our cable/internet bill down, but I think they sell your phone number to make some money for themselves. Once you pick up a sales call, it marks you as answering and now you will get more of the same.

Remember when you'd pick up the phone and it was a friend?

vanilla said...

Lin, yes, I remember when a phone call had meaning. Wow, am I old!?