Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sexual Sin

As was last week's sermon, today's message is based on II Samuel chapter 11.
Looking at the scripture and reviewing David's lust and sexual sin we note these cracks in the man's character.
1.  Becoming desensitized  II Samuel 5:13 we note David is building his harem.
2,  Carelessness Sometimes we see inadvertently, but taking a second look is  careless.
3.  Obsession David allowed his assessment to become an obsession, which resulted in
4.  Ungodly actions 

Practical application
     1.  Do not  trust yourself.  David fell,  anyone can fall.  David is a warning.
     2.  Build hedges around your marriage, or around your purity if you are single.
          Accountability partners are hedges against sinful behaviors.
     3.  Force yourself to consider the consequences of sin.  Consequences do not go away with repentance.  The rest of the book of II Samuel is riddled with the consequences of David's sin.
Read Psalm 51 which is David's plea for restoration.

Weeds grow where the grass is thin or nonexistent. 

When one is out of the way of duty, he is in the way of temptation.

Take the energy of lust and put it toward your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Rob Cochrane, guest speaker
Sunday morning

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