Sunday, February 12, 2017


The scripture lesson is 2 Samuel 11, which is the same passage that has been used throughout this series on the deadly sins.

Anger is an emotional response to something that causes emotional hurt or pain.

Anger is not necessarily a sin.  It may stimulate a desire to see justice done; a desire to right a wrong.
Anger has a dangerous side, a sinful side.

Anger is called one of the seven deadly sins for a reason.  It is the one that is called forth to defend us when we are called out for one of the other deadly sins.  
When one is called out for a wrong behavior, anger comes to his rescue.

Most terrifying: anger may wear different faces such as rage or violence.

**Anger covers up for something that is going wrong within.**

Anger very rarely admits to wrong-doing.  When we are called out we are guilty, offended, and insulted.

In anger we will push away that which we should cherish most.  It is the denial of a truth at the expense of another person's pain.

Passive aggression is not less deadly than open hostility, and sometimes it is more damaging.

Anger never affects only the target, but others as well.

Some symptoms of sinful anger:  sarcasm, foul language, the silent treatment, course  joking. 

Anger is a control issue.  We want to be in control.  Anger reflects a need  for control.  Sequentially it is followed by a desire for vengeance.

      [Pastor related that anger in his own household is characterized as "intense moments of fellowship."]

In surrender to God we find release from anger.

Give up your anger and in return find forgiveness and peace.

Pastor Johnnie Blair
Sunday morning

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