Monday, February 27, 2017

News. Really?

Monday night,  news reader presents the "most talked about story" of the day.  Turns out to be a non-story, something  about a "mistake" at  the Oscars presentation the previous evening.  "Someone will  have to be held  accountable. . ." 

The considered "opinion" of the news  agency seems  to be  that  the Academy is likely to sever  its relationship with Pricewaterhouse.  Well, of course.  There's accountability for you, is it not?

I propose a different take on the whole thing.  It was Hollywood, right?  The whole thing was a carefully orchestrated and well-acted farce designed to extend unwarranted attention of the country to the tedious annual self-congratulatory mess.



Grace said...

The Pricewaterhouse guy was so busy tweeting he didn't realize he handed out the wrong envelope - seems there are 2 sets of envelopes and he didn't get to use his Best Actress one. For most of us the whole thing was a non-event but for the folks involved it's their life's work.

vanilla said...

Grace, yes, if I don't like awards shows, and I don't, I don't watch them. But I do need to give grace to those to whom they have meaning. After all, they do work hard to provide entertainment. But I couldn't resist sharing my "conspiracy theory."

Secondary Roads said...

This is the only coverage of that [non]event that I have read.

vanilla said...

Chuck, I am sorry I inflicted this on you. Please forgive me.

Lin said...

I'm right with you...where is the "story?" Seems that this is our "news" these days--silly stories that are meant to entertain...and force their opinion on you.

I don't watch award shows either. If an industry needs their awards banquets, can't they just hold them at the local VFW and enjoy them on their own without all the fanfare? I mean, it worked well for my middle-school bowling league.

vanilla said...

Lin, thank goodness for "Get TV," "Antenna TV," WGN America, and the golden oldies. Plenty more edifying viewing. btw, the m.s. bowling league celebration was much more meaningful.