Sunday, February 26, 2017


 Today's lesson is taken from the Sermon on the Mount, the greatest sermon ever preached, as spoken by Jesus Himself.  Text reading Matthew 5:13-16.

Pastor spoke  about the phenomenon of "mission drift" in the church which he said occurs when the focus becomes the self rather than Jesus.  

Jesus said "You are salt. . ."  This addresses the practicality of  being  a believer in Jesus.
A believer is down-to-earth, useful, approachable.  Are you the type people want to be around because you make things better?  Are you good for others?

Jesus said, "You are light. . ." This asserts that we have the answer: hope for the world even if  the world does not realize it needs the light.  Good people who do not know Jesus have a problem.  It is not enough to be a good person.  One must come to know Christ.

Our actions  must bring honor and glory to God.

Five things we at Trinity believe.

     1.  We  believe Trinity is here for people who are not here yet.   We must operate like we believe this.
     2.  We believe we  exist to see people begin and grow in their relationship with Jesus.  
     3.  We believe we are a place where broken people belong,  a place where broken people find belonging and healing.
     4.  We believe people will choose to follow Christ if they see and experience authentic Christian living.  The world is hungry to see what is real.  If they see authentic Christians they will want to know what Jesus has for them.
     5.  We believe that we are called to follow in the footsteps of Jesus such that we bridge the gap between the world and God.


 If you have no friends outside the church, go find some.
Do your neighbors know you love them?
There are  approximately 10,000 unchurched people in the county.

Invite someone!

Connecting people with Jesus only works if each individual participates.

The people we are called to connect with Jesus are those around us.

Will they be able to see our transformed lives?  Give God the glory.

 Ask yourself, How can  I be a practical evangelist in everyday life?

Pastor Johnnie Blair
 Sunday morning

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