Friday, March 20, 2015

The 21st Century Elementary Student

Hauled three of the great grands to school.  First, third and fifth graders.  They hauled more luggage with them than wife and I carried with us on a three-week tour of Europe thirty-some years ago.  The backpack stress for kids has been partially alleviated.  They are now using the little wheeled "stewardess" cases.  Three kids and four pieces of this luggage filled up the back seat, for sure.

Irony:  The kids haul this stuff back and forth, get home, get on their electronic devices and do whatever it is they do.  Bags may never be opened.  Now, admittedly that is just a guess.  But a darned good one, I'll wager.


Secondary Roads said...

I, for one, will not bet against you.

vanilla said...

Chuck, the more things change (technology) the more they stay the same (kids).