Sunday, March 8, 2015

Focus: Living Life Together

Pastor introduced the message by sharing her "show and tell" from pre-school.

  • As we age, we share less with our neighbors.
  • We tend to pull back.
  • We are afraid to let people into our lives because we think they might realize that we are not perfect.
We are meant to live in community!  

The scripture lesson:  Acts 2:42 - 47 in which we find that
  1. the early Christians pledged their lives to learn more about God; they were devoted to learning and to community.
  2. they studied together to learn from each other.  Scripture calls us out to meet together to learn.  To join a church is to affirm that you understand the language spoken there; that you want to be a part of the family.
  3. the early church was connected through sharing; it was a community of givers.  They worshipped in the temple court (sharing with the world) and in each others homes (sharing with one another.)
  4. they loved the community.
Go out, model Christian living before the world at large; invite others into the Christian life, into our lives.  Show what it means to love one another.

We are connected by the love of Jesus and each other.

 "Imperfect people committed to a radical, spirit-empowered love can change their relationships and the world. This is what we are called to do as the body of Christ."

Pastor Amanda Blair
Sunday morning

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