Sunday, March 22, 2015

Focus: Spiritual Lens

"The dukes are up, the struggle is real.  If He would just speak; give me direction, give me peace.  I need to hear the Voice."

The lesson is from Matthew 17 in which Jesus takes Peter, James and John with him onto the mountain where they saw  Him in His glory.  Moses and Elijah appeared, signally the melding of the Law with the fulfilling of prophecy.

In the Old Testament, we learn Moses received the Law after the Booming Voice of God spoke from the mountain.  Elijah following the display of God's power was terrified and fled into the wilderness.  Amid the earthquake and the fire, Elijah looked for the Presence of the Lord.  The Presence was in a gentle whisper.

Peter said, "Let us worship."  Words.  We have words for all occasions.  What we lack is a word from God.  The instructions are so simple we miss them.  The disciples were told, "Listen to Him." This implies that God is talking.

God is already speaking.  The question is

Am I listening?

He speaks through life situations, through other people.

We have to quiet ourselves enough to hear.

Our spiritual lens:  we receive through what we hear, not through what we see.

Listening to God is what brings clarity in all things.
Clarity comes when you hear the voice of God.  


Study the Word of God.  Listen to His Voice.

Pastor Johnnie Blair
Sunday morning


Lin said...

I learned that you have to still yourself to hear his words of healing and the promise of peace. It also helps to find your center and your true being.

Quiet is hard....but it is essential for your soul.

vanilla said...

Lin, excellent truth. God tells us in his word, "Be still and know that I am God."

The hustle and bustle may be essential to earning a livelihood, but quiet time is essential to building a life.