Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Busy, busy

Walked into the drugstore.  As I walked toward the window, I noted that Mary, the department manager, was removing all the toothpaste from the counter end display.

I picked up and paid for my script.  As I walked out, Mary was at the other end of the same counter, placing the same toothpaste on the end display.

"Keeping busy," I said.  "Reminds me of a boss I had one time.  Told me, "Always be busy.  If you have to shovel that pile of dirt from here to there then move it back again, do it.  Don't let me catch you standing around."

Mary laughed.  "Sometimes it works like that."

Well, it did in the world I grew up in.


Lin said...

nowadays people don't even fake it----they just don't work and the boss doesn't say anything because that takes too much effort.

I miss the old days.

Secondary Roads said...

I did that at a dry cleaner shop. No customers? Grab a broom or a mop. Then clean the front (full height) windows. I was never bored, in fact I really liked that job.

vanilla said...

Lin, oh, I do hope that is not a picture of life universal these days?

Chuck, I always found work to be more satisfying when I could keep busy. And there is always plenty of (useful) work to be done, if one looks around and is willing to work.