Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bada Boom

It has been many years since I had regular dealings with fifth graders.I had almost forgotten how much fun they can be.  Yesterday I got to visit with a great grandson who is in fifth grade this year.

"I've got one for you.  Ned pushes a silver car down the road and stops at a red hotel.  He was mad.  Why?"

"Here's another one.  A man rides into town on Friday.  Three days later, he leaves town on Friday.  How did he do it?"


Lin said...

Did you give him a dollar to make him stop?

(I like 5th graders too. ) ;)

vanilla said...

Lin, I suppose you'll be surprised at this admission, but quite to the contrary, I rather encourage this sort of thing in children.

Many happy days in a classroom filled with 'em. Kids, I mean.

Secondary Roads said...

Ned has me scratching my head. (I can think of a couple possible answers, but which, if either?) The Friday question is easy.

vanilla said...

Chuck, it's a poser. One has to think fun and games.