Sunday, November 9, 2014

Shift: Self to Others

Paul's letter to the Phillipians, 2:19

  • Moxie is completing whatever you started..
Paul, a strong spiritual mentor.
Paul's moxie to serve God:  Relentless
Paul's every action was motivated by his service to God.
  • Three types of people
Goats.  Stinky, nasty, noisy, annoying; reluctant to make changes; sour, self-focussed.  They taint the air with their disgusting mean attitude.

Sheep.  Look a lot like goats.  Are struggling with their desires vs. what God wants them to be.  Need direction.

Shepherds.  Live among the sheep; lead, protect.  A shepherd smells like the sheep.
The shepherd is available; the shepherd is trustworthy.
The shepherd is a mentor; the shepherd has moxie, long-term commitment.

God is calling us to be shepherds, to care for others.
  • Shift: From what you need to what others need.
A shepherd has a flock.  No sheep: no shepherd.

Who is your flock?

Pastor Joe Deckard
Sunday morning


Leah C. Dancel said...

People with no belief, let alone has no reverence towards the Divine Creator, are indeed like wild goats. And those whose beliefs are only bound in the Holy Book being closed after reading and not practicing what they believed, preferring to be just the way they are (because they are humans, and that includes me as human as I am), who continuously remain backwater in their recalcitrant ways, and the Holier Than Thou types are like wayward lambs.
Both goats and lambs need a Shepherd. A shepherd who is as gentle as David. Young he was as a shepherd boy, he was spiritually gifted with MOXIE to conquer and killed Goliath, the proud giant who sneered at his God. Lovely post. A new word for me to learn.

vanilla said...

Leah, this young man's sermon was presented in terms the younger set can easily relate to, and yet as an octogenarian, I found his words laden with wisdom.

His definition of "moxie" was spot on, and his encouragement to believers to have moxie to develop leadership for Christ was excellent. When I present a sermon to which I have listened I do not outline, but rather quote some of the minister's key lines.