Saturday, November 15, 2014

Home Economics

"Hon, would you stop at the store and pick up a few items.  I don't really need to shop this week."

"Sure.  What do you need?"

"Pick up my 'script, get a half-gallon of whole mile, a packet of shredded mild cheddar, and a couple pounds of hamburger."

"Not a problem."

In the store.  Meds, check.  Cheese, check.  Milk, check.

Then to the beef counter.  Prices of hamburger range from $5.49 to $8.99?  You cannot be serious. Serious as death, and that may come sooner rather than later if these grocery prices keep escalating at the current rate.  Yikes!

I drove to the meat market where their 92% ground chuck was $5.99, exactly one dollar the pound more than those beautiful center-cut pork chops.  But I am faithful, and reliable.  So I bought three pounds, or $17.97 worth of hamburger and went on home.

Probably a fortuitous experience.  Perhaps need to find some way to infuse a bit more cash into the grocery budget.  But really, rob Peter to pay Paul?  Gotta eat.


Lin said...

Can't even be vegetarian at today's prices. Criminy.

vanilla said...

Lin, eating is getting to be a really expensive habit. Is there an Eaters' Anonymous, or something?