Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Grammar Policeman Arrests Self

Filling the gas tank, cold rain and wind blowing.  Glanced across the street.  New message on the sign at the corner of our restaurant. (I call it "our restaurant" because we typically eat there twice a week.)  Egregious grammatical error.  I reach for the camera.  "Ha," I think, "I'll post that."

Nobody likes a smart-aleck.  And everybody despises a pedantic smart-aleck.

I am trying to be more tolerant, more loving; less critical, less pedantic.

And in this endeavor, less is more.

Ouch! Just sprained my arm patting myself on the back.


Grace said...

Ah but don't you think it would be kind to let them know of their error? I like to be told when I make an error - how else can I learn and improve?

vanilla said...

Grace, well, yes. Covertly calling attention to the perp; but I had the evil notion to post it for all to see. Not cool.

Secondary Roads said...

I was hoping to read that the "policeman" was released on his own recognizance. Then I realized he was probably never booked--on this count.

vanilla said...

Chuck, yeah, I think the paperwork got lost somewhere.

Lin said...

I'm not a big grammar policewoman because I am probably guilty of infractions myself, but I am a policewoman on many other accounts. Work especially. I am working on letting the infractions go there too. I think it will make me a better me.

vanilla said...

Lin, it is a tough call. Slackers should be reprimanded and/or corrected, but whose job is it to do that? And that call cuts close if the dilatory behavior makes it harder for you to do your job.

Well, soldier on, don't assume responsibilities that aren't yours. Smile.

Vee said...

I wanted to do a correction on Facebook yesterday but restrained myself. I'm thinking maybe the writers of core curriculum materials in Idaho were not schooled in past participles. Soon, no child will know about them and every child will be "left behind."

vanilla said...

Vee, recently I have found that the instruction I received in grammar irritates me twice: once when the instruction was given, and now again when I observe that it was, indeed, a waste of time, because no one seems to use correct grammar anymore.

Every child is being left farther and farther behind every day. But guess what? Won't be long until all the old troglodytes are no longer here to fret about it.

(Or as nearly everyone says nowadays "further.")