Monday, November 24, 2014

Bargain, Anyone?

Yeah, but I've had twice as long to have to feed myself, too.

Now, I take advantage of "senior discounts" (though as I have pointed out before, I am not fond of the euphemism).  Nevertheless, I rather admire this merchant's business model.  I think vendors should know the value of their goods and services and charge accordingly to each and all.  Coupons, loss leaders, come-ons, and twofers are definitely among some of my least favorite gimmicks in today's world.


Grace said...

I think that sign is just plain rude and all kinds of other unpleasant things. I don't see any need for it. I never ask for a senior discount, it just never occurs to me. And if someone did ask at this store then a pleasant "We don't offer that" would suffice.

Lin said...

In a way, this is age discrimination. I would like it if restaurants offered smaller portions for a smaller price--whether you are 6, 60 or 600.

What drives me crazy are the seniors that demand a discount at local stores and restaurants and then throw their cash away at casinos and gambling boats.

Secondary Roads said...

I like restaurants with a "senior menu." The kind that Lin describes with smaller portions at slightly lower prices. Our favorite Chinese place has large portions. We buy two meals and two of us will make three meals of it. However, with Sylvia gone about 25% of the time, I'm getting tired of left overs.

vanilla said...

Grace, I thought the merchant made his position clear, and with a bit of humor. But maybe that is just me.

Lin, the smaller portion concept is a good one: eat less, save a buck. People who "demand" are people who think they are entitled. They are special only in the sense that they are annoying.

Chuck, BBBH and I have been known to "split" a regular portion. Some places smile and serve it up, some charge a buck for the extra plate. Either way, I used to scoff at elders who did this, but no more. Restaurant portions tend to be much too much. Except for the hoity-toity places that charge you fifty bucks for a dollop of something in the center of the plate!