Friday, December 30, 2011

Learning Curve

Verizon to charge $2 fee for online payments

Verizon has learned from its banking compatriots who, as I say, never saw a fee they didn't like; and who will never hesitate to invent a new one if all the old ones are used. So now, if you are a Verizon customer who pays on-line, you get to pay a two dollar per use fee for the privilege of paying your bill!


[Been with AT&T through its Cingular permutation and back again. Be interesting to see their response.]


Lin said...

Oh, I would make sure that they send me a paper bill through the mail and then I'd gladly mail them the payment through snail mail. I love playing "old days" with these companies.

I once had a local newspaper "delivered" to our house. Problem is, they could never get it anywhere near my door--it was out on the sidewalk next the street--getting soaked by passing cars or next door, or in the next state. So I called and told them that I will be standing at the end of the road near their building and tossing my payment "wherever" and they can go find it like I have to find my newspaper each weekend. Somehow, they didn't like that very much.

I don't get that paper anymore.

vanilla said...

Lin, "playing old days" may become a thing of the past. Meanwhile, I find that computers, which a generation ago were touted as great saviors of time, paper, and mental effort, have in fact become an onerous burden which I for one resent. Well, except for blogging, of course. ;-)