Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ooooh! Boo!

Newscaster says the government is going to start monitoring social networks to further secure our safety and well-being; alerted us that such words as "infectious" and "outbreak" and "collapse" could be trip-wires to direct the monitors to your blogsite, twitter account, or facebook page.


Here's an idea. Let's all create an infectious outbreak of weird posts until the monitoring system collapses. I need to do something to boost traffic on this blog!

Oh, flaw. The posts on this blog are already mostly weird. But innocuous.


Grace said...

Possible post title: An infectious outbreak of common sense leads to the collapse of inane government security measures.

Lin said...

So, we are gonna pay for a bunch of government cronies to sit on FB all day????? Sounds productive.

vanilla said...

Grace, fantastic title! Oh, that such an outbreak of common sense might sweep our nation.

Lin, well, that could lower the unemployment statistics.