Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I am Getting Discouraged

It seems to me that one of the roles of the President is to be Encourager-in-Chief. That's not an officially recognized designation, but he should act as though it were. What we are now hearing are discouraging words, threatening words.

The President calls for prime time exposure to the nation for an important address. This has occured from time to time, and these are momentous occasions in the life of the nation. We are under attack, we are going to attack, we have been subjected to a horrendous event, and the President wishes to inform us, encourage us, outline proposals for solutions to the difficulty.

Monday evening the President got his prime time. He offered no solution to our problem, he basically had nothing to say, but he said it very well. He chides and criticizes the congress and points to their responsibility for finding a solution to the crisis. Then he tells us that when they do pass legislation, he will veto it. What? Not that the congress is behaving in a responsible manner, as I have suggested earlier.

Come, Mr. President. Encourage us, at least to the extent that you offer a proposal. And have sufficient courage to sign the legislation if it lands on your desk. Quit thinking about November 2012. You have created within yourself such a habit of running for President that you can't put that down long enough to govern now that you are the President. Every "decision" apparently must be preceded by examination of the question, "How will this affect my chances at re-election?"

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