Friday, July 29, 2011

Atheists, Get a Life

The empty-headedness of certain of our fellow citizens demands attention. Two steel I-beams erected in NYC are offensive? Really?

Don't look at them; don't think about them. You've nothing better to do than file lawsuits, willy-nilly and with no logical basis?

What sad and empty lives you lead.


Grace said...

I read that this morning in the Times - these folks are total a**holes and I do hope they get their butts whipped in court. I don't follow the Judeo-Christian philosophy but I am quite weary of people opposing so called "Christian" symbols which have become secular and generic.

vanilla said...

Grace, thanks for commenting. One doesn't have to be an adherent of any particular faith in order to practice common sense. There's a commodity in short supply these days!

Grace said...

As a bred-in-the bone New Yorker I am also sick of everyone making 9/11 a commercial enterprise and latching onto to it for all kinds of self-serving shenanigans.

I was living outside the country on 9/11 and if I ever wrote about the reactions of both the Americans in the place I was living and the native population, it would turn people's stomachs. 10 years later every time I think about I get angry all over again.

On the one hand people shock me with their complete self-absorption and on the other the simply reinforce my low expectations.

vanilla said...

Grace, perhaps the value of "low expectations" lies in the likelihood of little disappointment?

Truly, self-centeredness seems to be endemic.