Monday, July 25, 2011

Congress Performs Its Duties. Not.

I made the mistake Friday of turning the TV to a news channel. Such posturing; such braying; such failure on the part of the duly ordained "leaders" to lead.

I engage in sarcasm on occasion, always, I hope, tinged with humor. I sink into cynicism from time to time, for I am, after all, a part of the human race. How could I be surrounded with such creatures and yet fail to doubt their ability to reason their way out of a wet paper sack (bag, poke, choose your nomenclature). Yet my point is that I am a positive person. Oh, you don't see that? Well, I am particularly positive at this moment. I am positive that we lack true leadership. I know that we selected these clowns to represent us and to conduct our business. We are culpable. I am braying. Call me an ass, but be aware that I am no more an ass than are the asses about whom I am braying.

Bob Warr

This was written over three months ago. I simply had no place to put it until now. If things have changed since then, it is only for the worse.


Lin said...

It is so frustrating to see our taxes spent so foolishly while mom & pop stores are closing all around us and we, the middle class, falter. I'm tired of seeing people lose their jobs while these fools have no idea what to do. And we have no say about it. Ugh. Double Ugh.

Vee said...

Worried about the future of our country and the future of my family. It would be nice if we had choices on the ballot that included less narcissistic people.

Secondary Roads said...

What's with those congress critters? Can't do anything until it reaches crisis proportions.

vanilla said...

Lin, unfortunately some of those people have been professional politicians for so long that they've no idea how people actually live.

Vee, it's a catch-22. It takes a huge ego to imagine that one is actually qualified to lead. Then when elected, the ego inflates to the point that there remains no room in the head to contain any ideas that reflect leadership. Only me, me, me, and how do I get reelected.

Chuck, I think that, having passed Crisis Management Theory 201, the creatures then imagine that nothing needs to be managed until a crisis occurs. Boy, do they have plenty to work with. But they only passed "theory."