Thursday, July 28, 2011

Constitutional Law

So now some democrats are suggesting that the President can unilaterally raise the debt limit under the provision of the Fourteenth Amendment. But for the three pesky words "authorized by law" they might have an argument. Did you notice that they are pretending these words are not there? Well, what did those old dead white guys know, anyway? Eliminate the superfluous verbiage.

Pesky Constitution. How long before someone suggests we don't need it anyway?


Rebecca Mecomber said...

How long before they suggest we don't need it? Have you seen a recent TIME magazine cover? Good Lord, that is high treason and these criminals are acting like it's just another "choice."

Lord, help us.

Lin said...

Unbelievable. What this administration won't do. Ugh.

vanilla said...

Rebecca, I have not seen the magazine, but I know we are in dire straits.

Lin, unbelievable; appalling, in truth.