Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Modern Miracles

Medicine as practiced in his day, according to my father.
Patient:  I have this (pain, cough, ache, whatever).
Doctor: Have you had it before?
Patient: Yes.
Doctor: Well, you have it again.
Medicine as practiced today, according to my observations.
Patient: I'm having water retention.
Doctor: No problem.  Here's a pill for that.
And a couple months later.
Patient: I'm having a problem with incontinence.
Doctor:  Pshaw.  Not a problem.  Here's a pill for that.
Not to mention the pills for treatment of the side-effects from the previous pills.

And so on.

Say what?


Secondary Roads said...

It certainly seems to work that way.

vanilla said...

Chuck, I do try to share my observations which reflect truth. As I observe it.

Lin said...

They have moved on from pills and added diagnostic testing too. A surgeon told me recently "I don't make money until you go for tests." I refused...and I'm still alive. Modern medicine is led by profits.

vanilla said...

Lin, indeed. Which is why I am leaving the (huge) *group* *cartel* *HCP* whatever it is called. I suppose it is possible that I will find it simply a jump from the frying pan into the fire. Oh, well.