Sunday, November 8, 2015

I Will Follow Jesus Christ

Making a decision:  the ability to make up ones mind.  We are told that the modern adult makes up to 35,000 decisions every day.

Decision fatigue breaks down the power of the will making it more difficult to take a decision.

Today, One Decision, the most important decision of your life. 

The lesson is found in the Gospel of Mark 1:14-20.  Jesus has returned from the forty days in the wilderness.  He is preaching, "The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe in the gospel."  As he walks along the shore of the Sea he observes Peter and Andrew, fisherman casting their nets.  Jesus calls to them, "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men."  The immediately forsake their trade to follow Jesus.  A little farther along he calls out James and John who at once left their father at the boat and followed Jesus.

Key:  The disciples dropped everything to follow Jesus.
We would more likely want to set up a conference or coffee chat with Jesus to find out what he is all about.  Why did the disciples drop everything at once? Jesus was so real they could not deny him.  He was so bold that they were compelled to follow.

Jesus had already made the decision but the choice to follow was up to the disciples.
And so it is with us.  The decision is already made, but the choice is up to us.

Two myths that people believe.
1.  I have to get my life together before Christ accepts me.   Wrong.  He accepts you as you are.  Peter is a good example of this truth.  Peter was a mess. 
If you think you have to be perfect to come to church you haven't met many church people.
The Church:  the decided ones.  We are going to follow. 
2. I can offer God a little bit; that will be enough.  Truth:  You must be all in with Christ; all or nothing at all.  The disciples dropped everything.

"You are going to continue being confronted with thousands of decisions.  Christ is asking for just one."  

God will orchestrate our lives such that every other decision makes more sense if we are all in.

This decision is your only guarantee.  Yes or No.
Are you in or out? 

Pastor Johnnie Blair
Sunday morning
Window: Grace United Methodist Church,
Manassas, Virginia

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