Sunday, July 19, 2015

Zero to Hero: Gideon

The scripture lesson is found in the sixth chapter of Judges.

"Let it go."

All want to be free and happy, loosed from their baggage.

Gideon's baggage came through 1) his family history, and 2) his lack of faith.
He said, "I am the least of the least."  He had trust and self-esteem issues.

We say of our baggage, "This is our lives."  That is a lie.

Addictions may be brought on by insecurities ingrained to the point finally at which we can not get free.

"I won't put up with it anymore."  We reach the point at which we lash out at others.
We convince ourselves that this is life.
 God wants to free us from all our baggage.
God had a plan for Gideon.  He has a plan for you.

How to get loose.

  1. Cry out to God.
  2. Identify specifically and confess it.
  3. Communicate your struggle to another person.  Who can you trust?  Ask God to help you find that right person.
  4. Commit to turning around and living with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
It is in trusting God that we are free!
Breakthrough doesn't occur until there is a breakdown.

Want to be free? God can provide that.  He will free you. 
"Surely I will be with you." --God (Judges 6:19)

Pastor Joe Deckard
Sunday morning

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