Friday, July 3, 2015

Life is what you make it

I finished reading the post I had prepared for the blog.

Missus laughed, then said, "You're silly."

I responded, laughing, "Isn[t it great? I've lived more than eight decades and I can still be silly!


Secondary Roads said...

At least she doesn't say, "Act your age." What's that supposed to mean anyway? It's fun to be silly, and I suspect, keeps one young.

vanilla said...

Chuck, I have wondered the same thing. Is there a manual somewhere that defines "act your age"? I missed it. If "laughter is the best medicine" is true, then doesn't "silly" qualify as a pharmacist?

Lin said...

I'm all about being silly, but I think you already know that. And that is why I like my blog friends, because they are silly too. Serious is boring. Silly is where the fun (and laughs) are.

Stay silly, my friend!

vanilla said...

Lin, silliness is sometimes a welcome relief to the tedium of duty.