Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Landline is Dead

Having an episode with hypotension?  Here's a way to get your blood boiling.

Call your telecommunications company to report a service outage.  Yes, of course, you have to borrow someone's phone.

"Communications" is a misnomer when applied to these companies.


Grace said...

I love this - "Can we call you back?" Well !Duh! No, my phone isn't working (you $%*@#)

vanilla said...

Grace, yes, yes. That was one of my (least) favorite lines. Telecom: the industry you love to hate.

Lin said...

I don't know if I'd notice it wasn't working. Or if I'd bother to get it to do so. The only calls I get on the house phone is sales/scams/politicians.

vanilla said...

Lin, we didn't notice since we probably get an average of fewer than two calls a month. But a friend did call the cell on Sunday to tell us another friend (who didn't have our cell#) discovered our line was not working. It could have been out for a month, for all we know. We should ditch the land line, just giving TDS free money.