Wednesday, July 1, 2015

TV Viewing Improves

Fifteen years ago then for a couple of years the series Battlebots aired on cable television, Comedy Central specifically.  Then it disappeared.

Battlebots is /are back!  And on ABC.  I shall have to return to ABC which I haven't watched in decades.

Yes, I am a simple person.  It does not take convoluted plots or blood and guts to entertain me.  Now robots fighting to the death, that's entertainment!


Secondary Roads said...

Round two of Battle Bots had some of the best mayhem I've seen in years. To get in the mood, I've been watching some of The UK series, Robot Wars.

vanilla said...

Mayhem: isn't it glorious?

Lin said...

I love these shows! I miss Junkyard wars where you had to build your machine to compete. Why did these shows disappear?

vanilla said...

Lin, I am happy to know that you are a fan, too. Seems to me that good, clean bloodless competition, flying pieces and all, is good entertainment.