Sunday, January 4, 2015

#Life: Little Things That Matter

[Apologies before the presentation.  The recorder was so enthralled with the messenger's presentation that the preacher was about a third of the way through his sermon before he realized he wasn't taking notes.]

Clare Booth Luce claimed that anyone's life could be summarized in one sentence.

  • Summarize your life in one sentence. 
  • What is going to be said about you at your funeral?
Jesus said, The thief comes to kill and to destroy; but I have come that you may have life, and have it more abundantly.

The thief is any self-seeking destroyer of truth; anyone who attempts to mislead or destroy the sheep.  The Pharisees, for example, were making it difficult for the people to serve God.

In Christ, we are created alive, in his image;  life overflowing, not just scraping by, thriving in spite of all circumstances.  The overflow will flow into the lives of others!

Satan is after your eternal treasure, he is not after your earthly things, material possessions.
  • Your full life is defined by your heavenly treasures, not by your earthly ones.
The quality of a funeral is defined by the individual's spiritual treasures.
Christ wants us to live a full life!

These three things are what matters when writing one's life sentence:
  1. Faith.  Was the person steadfast in service to God?
  2. Family.  Were there loving relationships, or were they strained or indifferent?
  3. Friends. Was the individual respectful of others?
When writing one's sentence, it is the details that matter. [Here the pastor gave an example as though he were posting on a social media site:  On a date with my wifey. #beautifullady #15yearsmarried #Iwantoholdyourhand #loveyababe #here'sto60moreyears #kidsovernightatgrandma's
  • Your life will be measured by the little things that matter: the details
  • As John Maxwell put it,  We must live life fully, we must live it faithfully, we must live it thoughtfully.
Live life with nothing undone.  Live it 100%, wholeheartedly as to the Lord.

As the choir director and singing coach said, Perfection is in the details.

What do you hope your life sentence will be?

  • Your assignment for this week:  Make a specific time to talk with God about writing your life sentence.  Start with what you would write right now, work toward what you ultimately want it to say.
  • If you've the courage to post it on social media, hashtag it #trinitywesleyan #mylifein1sentence
Pastor Johnnie Blair
Sunday morning


Grace said...

I've been wondering whether Pastor Johnnie Blair was real or one of your creations - sure enough, he is a real person Trinity Wesleyan

vanilla said...

Grace, I am smiling, but you give me far too much credit to imagine that I could come up with these sermons. I am not a preacher, never have been. Pastor Johnnie speaks a good word with authority!

Lin said...

My life sentence is simple: We laughed....a LOT.

Even in the most terrible times, I remember that is when we laughed the hardest. Not at the situation or the exact moment....but in coping.

vanilla said...

Lin, that is a wonderful tag-line for a life!