Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Mile Farther Down the Road

When I was young I was surprised when I met an old person who seemingly could remember nothing about the day in which he was currently living, but had detailed recall of things that happened seven and eight decades earlier.  Eerily, I was uncomfortable being around them.  I did not understand.

I have lived some decades since then, and now I think I get it.  And now, I guess, people are uncomfortable being around me.  We can't remember today because there is nothing to remember. Nothing is happening.  To the external world, we no longer exist.  But the memories of the past. .Ah, the memories bring life back, if only in the mind.


Lin said...

I get it too. My kids are so tired of my stories. Maybe they would enjoy them more if they weren't reruns all the time.

vanilla said...

Lin, indeed. I am reaching the point where, even with eight decades of memories behind me, that I will have to start repeating myself. Or shut up.