Friday, April 13, 2012

Polygamy and Slavery

Polygamists in the family trees

Similarities in Obama and Romney’s roots.

Another teaser from the WaPo. But what has it to do with anything? Neither party mentioned practices nor condones the practice. So who cares? It is like making me responsible for the fact that my great-great grandmother was a slave holder. Oh, wait. There are those who make the claim that that is my responsibility. How ridiculous is that?

We may all be the product of our ancestors' choices, but we are not responsible for their choices.


Secondary Roads said...

Once again you've nailed it square my friend.

Vee said...

Hear, hear!

Lin said...

Amen. BTW, my family came here from Europe to escape communism. We never had slaves, so can I please not have that thrown in my face all the time?

vanilla said...

Chuck, thanks. Sometimes the truth needs to be stated.

Vee, indeed.

Lin, too many people want to shake us all up in the same bag. I mean, we are individuals in our own right, right?