Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oh, Please Give Me a Break

Heard today that a group of "parents" is suing Apple because their kids are addicted to games on the I-Phone and it is costing them "a lot of money."

Question: Who bought the kids the dern phones?

Resolution: Take the dern phones away and give the kids something to do. Or lock them up until they magically become independently wealthy.



Grace said...

Oh for pete's sake - exactly when did parent's stop parenting (as they say these days). My favorite soap box topic - PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Take some people! Oh and BTW - if the kids can't access an Apple/iTunes account then they can't download apps..Duh! Oh please stop me now - I can rant about this for days!

vanilla said...

Grace, I was hoping you would. Seems this modern "parenting" thing sticks as deeply in your craw as it does in mine.

Today's mantra: Is not my fault.

Grace said...

Ah, you know me well LOL

Lin said...

Parents these days are just looking for an easy out so they can stay on their cell phones and ignore the kids. It makes me cringe when I see young moms walking their kids in strollers through the 'hood yakking on their cells and not talking to their kids. Kids do as they see.

vanilla said...

Grace, LOL

Lin, yep. Sad, sad. Hopes for the future?