Sunday, April 22, 2012

New and Improved

Anytime you see something being touted as "new and improved" you can almost certainly be assured that it will be alien and aggravating.

(Thinking especially in the realm of electronics. Thinking "new versions" of OS, thinking fb, thinking Blogger, you name it.)

Just let us enjoy that with which we are familiar!

Okay, I suppose if the world really worked the way I am thinking, we'd still be sitting in caves scratching pictographs into the walls.


Grace said...

For those of us who use MAC's new and improved usually means new and improved but I think they might have finally screwed that up with the latest OS...

Lin said...

I'd be fine with "new and improved" if my mind was too. As I age, I find I can't and don't want to keep up anymore. My brain is tired from all that thinking.

vanilla said...

Grace, I would hope they didn't mess up, for I know how you love your MAC.

Lin, exactly. You have nailed it. The mind is not as supple and the will to exert it in new directions falters as we age. I guess.