Saturday, March 25, 2017

Ring! Ring!

Wife's cell phone rings.  I normally don't answer it, but it was lying right beside me on the end table.

I:  Hello!


I: (louder) Hello!

Moron:  This is not McDonald's, is it?

I:  You got that right.

Moron: You don't have to yell.  You are a (adjectival expletive) (expletive).

I: You are an idiot, ya know that?  A complete idiot.

(End of conversation)

In the day in which I grew up and during most of my adult life when one dialed a wrong number he simply said, Sorry, I got the wrong number.  And the person who was disturbed by a call not intended for him might say, That's all right.

But what a day and age we now occupy.

And people wonder at old coots who express longings for "the good old days."


Secondary Roads said...

The truth is that nostalgia is not what it used to be.

vanilla said...

Chuck, true. Someone keeps moving the goal posts. When I was a kid, the old coots yearned for the Roaring 20s, when I was a young man they recalled the Dirty 30s and WWII. I even saw a time when the old people looked back longingly on their hippy days of the sixties and seventies. And now here am I . . .

Lin said...

I love when you answer your phone and are met with a "WHO is THIS?!" to which I reply: "Well, who is THIS? YOU called me!"

People are so angry these days. The quick response is never kindness or a smile anymore.

vanilla said...

Lin, I am just perplexed as to why people choose rudeness over civility. Oh, arrested development: perpetually thirteen years old.