Friday, March 24, 2017

Q & A

Q:  What is wrong with this picture?  

A:  The sack is empty.  😭            


Grace said...

What's interesting about this is - I haven't had a Frito in decades, and, we here on the East Coast would call that a 'bag'

vanilla said...

Grace, I wavered. Technically, small containers such as this one are bags. A sack traditionally is made of cloth. But large containers, such as for cement, are referred to as sacks even though made of paper. In some areas the terms are used interchangeably, in some there is a distinct preference. I once lived in an area where all such containers were referred to as pokes, but I think that has fallen into disfavor.

And life with no Fritos?

Secondary Roads said...

Sure hope they make some more for you.

vanilla said...

Chuck, so do I; so do I.