Sunday, March 19, 2017


The Jesus joy is the answer to all your problems.

The joy of Jesus Christ goes deeper than any emotion, any circumstance.

How do I get that type of joy?
     It is found in unlikely places.  Ir is never found in any external thing.
     It is found in places you would never go alone.  It is found in places you would not go at all.

You must be willing to walk in the footsteps of Jesus!

 Joy is found in these unlikely places:
1) Submission; 2) Suffering; 3) Consecration.

1) Joy is found in submission to the Father's will.
     John 15:9-11  Obey "that your joy may be complete.

     Find joy in aligning yourself with the Father's will.  Following Christ may be difficult, but it always results in joy.  Walk willfully in the will of God.

2) Joy is found in suffering.
     John 16:20-22 Pain gives way to joy.   Christ used the illustration of the joy supplanting the pain suffered in childbirthPastor expanded on, emphasized this analogy.
Jesus was "a man of sorrow, acquainted with grief."  Yet he had such joy!
Sow in tears, reap in joy, a joy the world cannot take away.

3) Joy is found in being set apart, consecrated.
    Jesus prayed not that we would be taken from the world, but that the Father would protect us while we are in the world.  Allow Him to set a mark upon you which separates you from the world.  Be set apart to His purpose; we do not belong here.

In his Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5) Jesus tells us faithful followers will be despised, rejected, abused by the world.  When this happens, He said, "Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven."

Joy is found in an unwavering relationship with God.

Resolve to carry out the Father's will. 

Notes on sermon by
Pastor Johnnie Blair
Sunday morning

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