Sunday, January 22, 2017


Scripture lesson 2 Samuel 11:1.  King David stays in Jerusalem while the troops go to  battle.

David  looked  on Bathsheba and self-indulgence led  to over-indulgence and  to  adultery and  murder.

David had a life-long woman  problem  and a  lack  of  restraint.  He embraced it.

Over-indulgence is more than a physical thing, it is a spiritual flaw.
It is idolatry in  which one turns to self-gratification instead of God.

Self-indulgence looks like a lot  of different things: lust, gluttony, greed.

After self-indulgence defeat hangs like  a heavy weight around the neck.

We believe we will find happiness in indulgence, but
Happiness comes  not from earthly pleasure but  from God.

Self-control is freedom; gluttony is bondage.
Self-control comes  from God.  It  creates a space in which we  enjoy the presence of God.

There is no excess with Jesus.   One cannot have too much of God.

*Give thanks.
*Memorize scripture.
*Stay active; not just physically, which is good, but spiritually.  Pray and  read your Bible.

What is consuming me?  Is it God? 

Pastor Joe  Deckard
Sunday morning


Lin said...

Hmmmm....Pastor Joe makes me think today. Good post!

vanilla said...

Lin, one must examine the desires of the self after hearing this message. As Joe asked, What is consuming me?