Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Prayer of "Send Me"

The scripture lesson is Isaiah 6:1-9 in which is revealed to Isaiah the holiness of the Lord.  He
recognizes his own unworthiness, is cleansed and then accepts the mission God has for him.

The prayer of "send me" is a dangerous prayer; it is more scary than it is glamorous.  The prayer implies that the "I" no longer cares about its wants, but about what God wants.

1. One response to the message of service is "Here am I, I'm not going."  Jonah is a scriptural example of this response.  His response was rejection of the assignment by way of going in the opposite direction from God's purpose.  The Book of Jonah details the story and the travails of the man and how he finally turned to God's purpose.

2. A second response to God's calling is "Here am I, send someone else."  Moses gives us an example of this response.  In Exodus 4:13 we hear Moses literally tell the Lord to "send someone else."  Seeking something that suits us better than what God wants is a sign that we prefer being served to providing service.  If you are more concerned about being served  than being sent, go to a restaurant.

Everyone has a call of God on his life. There is something special that He wants you to do.

3.  The third response to God's call is "Here am I, send me."  (Isaiah 6:8) This happens out of true conviction.  Like Isaiah, we must experience the presence of God in all his glory and holiness. (Rev.4)

To pray this dangerously
We must experience the presence of God in all his holiness.

The magnificence of God determines the magnitude of your mission.

We must realize the depth of our own sinfulness. (6:5)  We are unclean; God is holy and we are not.

We must have a real experience with the grace of God. (6:7) The coals represent cleansing, sins atoned for.

Something should happen that we must cry out, "Send me!"

Come to the end of self, learn to live in the shadow of Grace.

Grace:  When your sinfulness and God's holiness come together

 Terrifyingly beautiful

 Pastor Johnnie Blair
Sunday morning

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