Wednesday, September 7, 2016

There. I said it.

It is increasingly clearer each day that Mr. Trump is not only running against Hillary and the democrat party, but he is also up against the "press."  Virtually all news outlets are slanting everything in favor of his opposition.  Worse, for him, many in his own party are in opposition to the man.

What are his chances?  Probably better than you think.

And he, as is the case for his opponent, is unsuited to the job he seeks.


Grace said...

Nu - so you're expecting an argument from someone?

vanilla said...

Grace, actually I would be quite surprised if this were disputed. ;-)

Lin said...

I was in the woods...and out of cell/TV/internet range for 10 days. Best 10 days of my life. I am working to stay on that path with my return to "civilization."

vanilla said...

Lin, lucky you.