Sunday, September 11, 2016

Share the Story

How do we connect people with Jesus?

The lesson is from Acts 2:1-41.  The power of the Holy Spirit moving on lives impels and empowers disciples to tell the story of Jesus Christ.

"Peter raised his voice and addressed the crowd."  (v.14)

The power of the story can change lives.

We as Christians are responsible for sharing the story of salvation through Jesus Christ.
 I need to tell the story-- my story.  When my story and God's story come together there is power to draw people to God.

 In many ways the Church has separated itself from the world we are called to love.
 For example, the Church has created a language of its own, a language which the world does not understand.
So that we might reach people for Jesus, God will enable us to speak the language of the culture.  We must be relevant to the culture we are attempting to reach.

The Church should do its best to break down barriers.

"Then Peter standing with the eleven--" (v14)
Each and every disciple was making disciples.

 Disciples make disciples.  It is what disciples do.

Are you making disciples?
Pastor Johnnie Blair
Sunday morning


Vee said...

We tell the story not only through words but through our lives (maybe mostly through our lives). I've heard many people give accounts of how they became interested in the story of Jesus and almost every story was about a Christian who demonstrated the love of Christ to them in caring and tangible ways.

We can't live in isolation and influence others for Christ, but embracing the lifestyle of the greater culture as my lifestyle just makes me, well, another soul lost in a sinful culture.

I could rant here about those who are "spiritual" but not a part of a Christian fellowship; the flaunting of bodies in secular settings; the replacing of assembling together with other believers with every imaginable (and expensive) entertainment; the use of resources for self while ignoring the needs of others. Well, okay, I had to rant.

I really did not miss the point of the sermon. The notes indicate that it was a good one.

vanilla said...

Vee, I quite understand your point and agree that many fall into the error of living a worldly life style. The sermon indicated that we must learn to speak a language the world understands, not that we should adopt the ways of the world.

Yes, "actions speak louder than words" applies in our testimony of the Christian life.