Sunday, February 1, 2015

Focus: The Real Deal

There are things that make up the Christian life that should be natural to the dedicated Christian.

Is your faith making an impact on every part of your life?

If you take seriously these normal Christian tools God will change your life: fasting, service, prayer.

"Christians" can be sorted into these categories.

  1. Cultural Christians who believe they are Christians because the culture tells them they are. There is really no living proof in the heart.
  2. Congregational Christians who are affiliated with a church, but their lives outside the walls is not affected.  Do not have it all together.
  3. Practicing Christians who live a fully inflated, ready-to-play life (it is Super Bowl Sunday-- ed.) They live the life that says they are going to do it right.
The lesson is from Luke chapter four where Christ immediately following his baptism goes into a forty-day fast in the wilderness.
  • Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit.  He always acted and reacted according to the Spirit.
  • If Jesus relied on the Holy Spirit, how much more must we do likewise?
  • Jesus relied on scripture, the Word of God.
  • Jesus served God with a singular focus.
Spiritual discipline is to create a space in your life for the Spirit to work. This separates the cultural and marginal Christian from the dedicated Christian.

When was the last time you practiced fasting, service, prayer? Practice them regularly.

Christ is the focus and centerpiece of every aspect of the dedicated Christian's life.
"By their fruit ye shall know them."

Challenge: Pick up disciplines that will allow God to work in your heart.  Develop a passionate fervor for God.

Pastor Johnnie Blair
Sunday Morning


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