Friday, February 13, 2015

Whiner and Winner

Whiner:  Just my luck; my numbers are drawn in the half-billion dollar Powerball game and I have to share it with two other people.  Growl.

Winner (me):  I won two dollars in the Wednesday Powerball.  I'll win two more Saturday. Over the past year, I have won $208, and that is not buying just one ticket per pop.  Tra la!


Grace said...

I've always said that a true, old time NY'er would respond to a big lottery win with "Oy, you know how much taxes I'm gonna have to pay?"

Lin said...

They say that winning the lottery is a nightmare. I dunno...I think I'd like to try that type of problem for a change of pace.

vanilla said...

Grace, no doubt. And I think there may be people like that most anywhere.

Lin, think you could handle it, eh? Good luck.