Monday, August 25, 2014


Earlier this month we went to Ouabache State Park.  Many, nay most of our cohorts insist upon and persist in pronouncing the name "Oh-botch-ee," which of course, is incorrect.  I am about to give up, though, for no matter how many times I say the name correctly, or point out the error of their ways, they keep it up.

It is pronounced "Wah-bash," just as you would say if it were written "Wabash."  Guess my friends are Francophobes, or something.

You do know that Ouagadougou is the capital of Berkina Faso.
What? You didn’t know there was a country called Berkina Faso?

(Why did I insert that in this post?  1) Because Ouagadougou is also of French derivation and the "Oua" is pronounced as it is in Ouabache; and 2) For your edification.  You have learned a geography fact of which you were unaware, haven't you?)

Ouagadougou is pronounced, roughly, "Wah ga da ga."


Secondary Roads said...

As an Amateur Radio operator and chaser of weird and exotic locations engaging in the same, I'm well aware of Burkina Faso. It was Upper Volta when I first made radio contact with an operator in that land. In the fifty plus years I've been into such things, a lot of places have changed their names. Thanks for the French lesson. I've little idea of how to pronounce anything in that language.

Lin said...

Do they have pronunciation on the signs for the park? I can only imagine the eye rolls when folks call the park for anything.

vanilla said...

Chuck, you have had fun with something I only dreamed about, but never put in the effort to attain it. I did acquire a Hallicrafters receiver when I was a teenager, but never acquired a license. I am no expert in French, in fact, I know little about it. I enrolled in a French language course once upon a time. Discovered in a mere matter of days that I was never going to be able to shape my mouth to the sounds.

Lin, I don't recall any signs, but in the literature and on the website directions for pronunciation are included.